Once upon a moonlit night in Southern California, an object that everyone assumes is a meteor, flies over Malibu and crashes into the ocean. 

A few hours later, a nine-year old girl named DYLAN goes for a walk along the ocean, beach pail in hand. The little girl is odd, a misfit among misfits, and she wears a homemade sweatshirt with black-and-white striped sleeves and a big “7” on the front, like a superhero. The child’s secret plan is to collect seven special rocks and then return home, without her parents ever knowing that she left. By sunset, Dylan collects six rocks and a crystal pyramid. She also finds FLOWER, the pilot of the UFO that crashed into the sea. 

Flower is injured, but non-threatening, so Dylan takes her home. One problem the girl faces is that her father, MICHAEL, is shooting a reality television show in the house. As the cast argues on set, Dylan sneaks Flower into the house, and into her room. The little girl tries her best to take care of the alien, but her efforts are cut short by a knock on the door. 

Dylan moves fast. The door opens, but her parents only see their daughter playing with a stuffed animal. Dylan’s parents leave, but the crystal pyramid in Dylan’s bucket cries out an alarm. Dylan runs to the loft and grabs the bucket. Despite Flower’s pleading, the little girl will not give her the crystal.  

It takes considerable effort, but Flower eventually succeeds in communicating with Dylan by making a connection between seven plastic flowers and the yellow flower patch on her flight suit. Finally, Dylan gives her the crystal pyramid. Flower curls up around the device and goes to sleep. The little girl has no way of knowing that beeping rock #7 is actually a highly-advanced alien supercomputer, emanating frequencies that are precisely calibrated to heal physical injuries. 

Flower wakes, fully-healed. Dylan is gone, but she left pizza, which Flower happily eats. Suddenly, the alien senses that something is wrong. 

Down in the kitchen, Dylan opens the oven and pokes the crystal pyramid with a fork. The pyramid glows blue, then short circuits. Dylan takes the blackened pyramid to Flower and apologizes. Flower forgives Dylan, then puts the child into a telepathic trance. Flower tells Dylan that she is from another planet. Dylan screams and runs away. 

Dylan finds her father in the costume design room, and tries to tell him that Flower is an alien. Flower arrives, and Michael greets her in broken Japanese. Flower repeats Michael’s words in perfect rapid-fire Japanese, then a woman in the room echoes Flower, even faster. Freaked out by the telepathic echo, Michael and Dylan leave for the wedding. On the way, Dylan again tries to tell her father that Flower is an alien. 

The wedding begins, and an opera singer sings Ave Maria. Flower walks towards the wedding, but a security guard stops her. Flower freezes the opera singer in time, but Ave Maria keeps going, telepathically. The guard falls under Flower’s spell and follows her into the wedding. Dylan runs and hugs Flower as her voice rings out telepathically to everyone. “Hello People of Earth. Do not be afraid. We are all the same...” 

Suddenly, Bang!  Michael shoots Flower dead. The wedding crowd is stunned and silent. 

A woman looks up and gasps. “Oh my God…” 

Everyone looks up, terrified by what they see hovering above LA…

And then … 

Flower’s eyes open...