Once upon a time off the coast of Malibu, the US Navy shot the first alien craft to enter the Earth’s atmosphere since the time of ancient Egypt. Somehow, the pilot survived the crash into the cold icy waters of the Pacific, and she washed ashore.

That evening, a little girl named Dylan began what her nightly ritual; she took a plastic pail and collected seven rocks near the ocean. Try as they might, the little girl’s parents couldn’t understand her obsession with the number seven, but they figured it wasn’t hurting anything, and the child would grow out of it once she was acclimated to her new surroundings. 

Dylan picked up a rock, put it into her bucket. “One,” she said.  And then again and again.  “Two … Three.” Dylan took a few more steps and picked up another. “Four. Five … Six.” Dylan spotted the seventh rock, a crystal pyramid. Which just happened to lie just beyond the outstretched hand of the alien fighter pilot, dressed in a black flight suit.

Dylan put crystal pyramid into her bucket. She had no way of knowing that the crystal was seven thousand years more advanced than any technology yet found on Earth. 

“Seven,” Dylan said as the miniature supercomputer plonked on the bottom of her pail.  With the treasure hunt complete for the day, Dylan knelt down and turned her attention to the alien. 

Dylan looked closer, and poked the alien. The creature didn’t move.  

Dylan leaned closer and pulled the helmet off.  The alien opened her eyes. With all the energy she could summon, the creature pulled the little girl’s sunglasses down.

Their eyes met…